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Significance of UV254 index

Issuing time:2021-05-09 13:41

Definition of v254 (deep UV LED | UV sensor | UV254 sensor | 255nm UV sensor | UVLED)

UV254 refers to the ultraviolet absorbance at 254 nm. The calculation formula is as follows:

UV254=[A/b] × D

Where: UV254 - UV value, cm-1;

B -- optical path of cuvette, cm;

A -- measured absorbance;

D -- dilution factor, caused by dilution of cleaning water without organic matter (= final water sample volume / initial water sample volume).

The composition of organic matter in water is very complex, and the molecular weight of some organic matter, such as humus, ranges from 5 × 102-105, they are

So far, the chemical formula of is still inconclusive.

UV254 can be used as a precursor of total organic carbon (TOC), dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and trihalomethanes (THMs)


The successful application of UV254 abroad shows that UV254 is an effective, simple and feasible alternative parameter. It's not just about

Besides nptoc, DOC and THMFP, for other control indexes, such as chroma, NOM and DBPs (such as tox)

-The relationship can also be established for the precursors of total organic halides, Haas haloacetic acids, etc.

Significance of fromuv254 as control index of organic matter in water treatment

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