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The function of ultraviolet sensor

Issuing time:2021-04-26 18:45

    Many people in our life don't know the function of ultraviolet sensor? The following is explained by Anhui UV-CHIPS semiconductor technology Co., Ltd!

1. Role in medical field

Scientists have found that ultraviolet light with a wavelength of about 310nm has a strong black spot effect on the skin, which can accelerate the metabolism of the skin and improve the growth of the skin, so it can effectively treat vitiligo, pityriasis rosea, helioderma multiforme, chronic actinic dermatitis, photourticaria and other photogenic skin diseases, Ultraviolet phototherapy has been used more and more. When using, we need to control the intensity of ultraviolet well, which requires the use of ultraviolet sensors for monitoring.

2. Role in the field of flame detection

  Ultraviolet flame detector is the common name of ultraviolet flame detector. Ultraviolet flame detector is used to detect the fire by detecting the ultraviolet generated by the combustion of materials. In addition to the ultraviolet flame detector, there are infrared flame detectors on the market, that is, linear beam smoke fire detector. The ultraviolet flame detector is suitable for the place where open fire is easy to occur in case of fire. The ultraviolet flame detector can be used in the place where there is strong flame radiation or no smoldering stage in case of fire. The flame detection ultraviolet sensor needs high temperature resistance and high sensitivity of the sensor itself.

3. Role in the field of arc detection

  High voltage equipment will produce arc discharge due to insulation defects, which will be accompanied by a lot of light radiation, which contains abundant ultraviolet light. By detecting the ultraviolet radiation generated by arc discharge, the safe operation status of high voltage power equipment can be judged. UV imaging is an effective arc discharge detection method, visual, and has good detection and positioning ability, but the UV signal is relatively weak, there are still some difficulties in the detection.

4. Identification of banknotes       Ultraviolet recognition technology mainly uses ultraviolet sensor to detect the fluorescent imprint anti-counterfeiting mark of banknotes and the matte reaction of banknotes. This kind of recognition technology can identify most counterfeit money (such as washing, bleaching, pasting and so on). It is not only used in ATM deposit identification, but also used in cash counter, cash detector and other financial equipment. In general, we use fluorescence and violet light to detect all-round reflection and transmission of banknotes. According to the different absorptivity and reflectance of ultraviolet rays of banknotes and other papers, the authenticity of banknotes can be identified.

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