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Application scenarios and selection of UVC LED

Issuing time:2021-04-25 17:51

Mercury lamp was the only choice for UV sterilization. However, Minamata Convention on mercury has entered into force for China since August 16, 2017. The Convention requires that mercury containing products as stipulated in the production and import and export are prohibited from January 1, 2021, and mercury lamps are listed here. So, there is not much time left for mercury lamps, and UVC LED is the only alternative to the spectrum today.

Of course, this transformation is also popular. The miniaturization of UVC led brings more imagination space to the application scene, many of which are not realized by traditional mercury lamp. In addition, UVC LED has many advantages such as fast start, more switch times allowed, and battery power supply.

UVC LED application scenario. According to lediniside "2018 UV LED application market report - curing, medical treatment and sterilization", it is shown that surface sterilization, static water sterilization and mobile water sterilization will become the main growth energy outside the curing market in the next five years (2018-2022). According to different application scenarios, we may see the figure of UVC led in these applications in the future:

Surface sterilization: high frequency public contact surfaces such as medical appliances, mother and baby supplies, smart toilet, refrigerator, tableware cabinet, fresh-keeping box, intelligent garbage can, thermal insulation Cup, escalator handrail and ticket vender button, etc;

Static water sterilization: water tank, humidifier and ice maker;

Mobile water sterilization: mobile water sterilization module, direct drinking water machine;

Air sterilization: air purifier, air conditioning.

How to choose UVC led? The parameters of optical power, peak wavelength, life span and output angle can be selected.

Optical power: the available UVC LED optical power ranges from 2MW, 10MW to 100 MW in the current market. Different applications have different power requirements. Generally speaking, the light power can be matched by combining the irradiation distance, dynamic demand or static demand. The larger the irradiation distance, the more dynamic the demand, the greater the required light power.

Peak wavelength: as mentioned above, 265nm is the best wavelength for sterilization, but considering that the difference between the average peak wavelength of each manufacturer is not large, the actual optical power is the most important indicator to measure the sterilization efficiency.

Life: according to the specific application of the use time to consider the demand for life, find the most matching UVC led, the best is the best.

Angle of light output: the light output angle of the lamp bead packaged with plane lens is usually 120-140 ° The optical output angle of the package with spherical lens is 60-140 ° Adjustable between. In fact, no matter how much UVC led with the light angle is selected, enough LED can be designed to completely cover the sterilization space. In the scene which is not sensitive to the sterilization range, small light angle can make the light more concentrated, and the sterilization time is shorter.

The biggest challenge of current UVC LED application? Because of the current technical problems of UVC led, the cost of UVC LED is high, from chip to material, none of which is the case. So thousands of words are combined into a word, which hinders the application of UVC led. It can be said that it is expensive. Of course, as with the development of technology in the future, it is only a matter of time for UVC led to fly into ordinary people's homes.

Anhui purple core semiconductor technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Yutian photoelectric display Co., Ltd. of Taihu County) mainly develops, produces and sells UVC LED products (255nm, 265nm, 275nm, 295nm, 305nm and 315nm all UV band). Purple core semiconductor is also one of the few suppliers of solar blind deep UV LED. As one of the few mass production algan-mocvd equipment and deep UV LED, disinfection light source, UV disinfection, UV light source, DUV led, UV LED, UVC, UVB professional companies in the market, we use high-end GaN-MOCVD special equipment to manufacture deep UV LED products. Related technologies are also in a dominant position in the semiconductor LED industry chain.

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