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Deep UV LED gradually replace traditional mercury lamp

Issuing time:2021-04-26 18:50

With the advantages of environmental protection, delicacy and low consumption, the deep UV LED with wavelength between 240-280 nm is accelerating the application of UV in civil and industrial fields, and will gradually replace the traditional mercury lamp. Ultraviolet, as a kind of electromagnetic wave, has a wavelength smaller than that of visible light and a range of 10-400 nm. It includes: UV-V (wavelength 10-200 nm), UV-C (wavelength 200-280 nm), UV-B (wavelength 280-315 nm) and UV-A (wavelength 320-400 nm). The ultraviolet whose wavelength is less than 320 nm is also called "deep ultraviolet".

In the field of LED, the main development is to release UV-C. Deep UV light is a kind of light wave with wavelength between 100nm and 280nm. Semiconductor deep UV light source has great application value in lighting, sterilization, medical treatment, printing, biochemical detection, high-density information storage and confidential communication.

Anhui UV-CHIPS semiconductor technology Co., Ltd. tells you that compared with the common LED used for lighting, the deep UV LED has significant differences in material, technology and application. It is now known that it is very suitable for civil use of solid-state UV light, in which UVC LED can emit C-band light with sterilization effect. Deep UV LED sterilization and purification function has been widely used in medical and health fields. As a new generation of UV sterilization technology, it has the characteristics of mercury free, safety and environmental protection and wide environmental adaptability. It belongs to physical broad-spectrum sterilization and no chemical residues.

In recent years, the application field of deep UV LED is gradually considered as a new increasing point in the field of semiconductor and medical health due to its broad market prospect and huge added value. UV-C LED products have a high technical threshold, and are facing many challenges in terms of epitaxy, chip technology, packaging and market acceptance. However, the research report shows that the deep UV LED characterized by high-tech innovation is widely used, and will become a new hot topic of global LED research and investment. It is estimated that the market output of UVC led sterilization and purification will reach 28 million US dollars in 2016 and 257 million US dollars in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 56%.

The above is Anhui UV-CHIPS semiconductor technology Co., Ltd. to explain to you about the deep UV LED gradually replace the traditional mercury lamp related knowledge, if you have any questions, welcome to inquire!


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